Thursday, March 19, 2015

time for GREEN

I didn't find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or search for 4-leaf clovers, but I did find some leafy pins to share with you.

Have you been seen my new board "some outdoors INSIDE" over on Pinterest?

For the first time in my life, I'm seriously considering some indoor plants in my townhouse.  This is not my thing, trust me....But with the popularity of succulents and air plants over the last few years, as well as other large potted plants that can live indoors, I figured I should jump on the band wagon!

               SF Girl by Bay

    Flicker, Olivia Rae James

Have you joined the bandwagon for indoor plants?  Which do you recommend if I don't have a green thumb, and limited sunlight?


  1. I have two indoor plants and I have kept them alive (with a decidedly non-green thumb) for 3 years and they have survived 2 moves....One is a Shamrock Plant, that was actually a start from my mom, and the other is a "mother-in-law plant" or sansevieria that I got at a farmer's market. Both are incredibly hardy! The Shamrock I've been certain I killed off multiple times, but with a little water and sunlight it always comes back! The mother-in-law one looks nice and needs minimal tending, like 1/3 cup of water every week or so. If I can keep them alive, I'm sure you can!

    1. 3 years? Wow- that's pretty good. I was actually already considering sansevieria, the yellow green tones are kinda fun. Thanks for the advice!


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