Monday, March 23, 2015

dining table FLIP: Part 2

Like I mentioned in "time for TABLES," I found the perfect pedestal table for our dining space.  Only thing is, I already bought one at a thrift store a month ago.  So, I decided to seize the moment and take this as an opportunity to do my first furniture flip.

I thought of several color combos for the table, and asked for your opinions last week in my post "dining table FLIP."  (Thanks family and friends for sharing your opinions on Facebook!)

Here's a behind-the-scenes look:

Before: Here is the dining table.  It has a finish coat on it so it's quite glossy.


Before: I'm also going to advertise it as a console table or buffet.  With folding leafs on either side,     it's multifunctional in your home.

Before: Here's another view to see both leaves folded down

These are the supplies I used on this flip.  I went to Lowe's because I knew they would have everything (and it was near Jamba Juice!).

I read through a handful of articles about refinishing wood furniture on Pinterest.  I decided to go with chalk paint because no prep work was required.  However, my husband was so excited to buy a sander, we decided to give it a light sanding.

I didn't think it was necessary to paint every surface of the table, but a border on the underside of the tabletop would be a nice detail .   I taped a border about the width of the masking tape all around the underside.

It was suggested to use a foam roller to apply the chalk paint.  I was surprised to see so many bubbles pop up as I was rolling, but they all disappeared and was not an issue when it dried- phew!  The skies were getting awfully dark grey, so my husband urged that we take the table inside.  That's what happens in Portland rainy season...We finished the first coat in our dining room by dinner time.

The next day my husband applied a second coat of paint.   The day after that he sanded the table top, but paint came off in a few spot and touched it up.  

A few days later we applied the sealer in a satin finish.  The instructions said to paint it on, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then wipe off with a cloth.  That's what I did, and some paint was wiping off with the sealer....I was so nervous to continue at this point.  By the time we finished, almost an hour later, we had a good system in place.  I apply the thinnest about of sealer, and feather it out till nothing is left.  Then a moment later my husband wiped it off.  Now I know for next time- and there will be a next time!

After: Here is the new grey dining table!!  It's several shades lighter than the paint chip implied, but it still looks like a whole new table.  Much more contemporary , wouldn't you say?  This could easily work with any style home.

After: And I just love it as a console...I kind of want to keep it.  It's perfect for displaying your favorite accessories, or some family photos.  Or use it as a drink station at your next party- I'll have a Cosmo, please.

After:  Here you can see the border of paint on the underside of the tabletop.  I know it's not mind blowing, but I think it's a nice finishing touch.

I'll be posting it on Craigslist today or tomorrow.   If it doesn't sell on its own, I'll flip two dining chairs to go with it.  I hope that someone will appreciate the labor we put into our first Flip!

I can't believe how much better this table looks now.  So how much is it worth?  Everyone tries to haggle the price on Craigslist, so what should we list it for, and settle for?


Photos: my ME and my HUSBAND

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