about ME

Interior Designer, SarahRose Henkin, has always colored outside the lines.  As a young girl she was always busy with arts and crafts, then coordinating her perfectly rainbow dorm room in college, to her fresh take on eclectic and inviting interiors that she loves designing today.

'interior MISMATCH' is a place where SarahRose can share her tips and tricks with you about how to design a contemporary and timeless, eclectic style.  Maybe those three words sound odd altogether, but that’s the key to her success.  She believes that a room in your home should look like it has been collected over time, and have personal moments throughout.  (Not like you just went to your favorite store and bought the display!).  

Join her once a week, and learn how to simply use the principles of design to create a well-designed eclectic space that is uniquely yours.  Simple practices such as repetition, scale, and color will tie your look altogether.  She will also share her ideas for DIYs, event planning, and anything else “design” that inspires her.

SarahRose not only has a wonderful eye for color, pattern, and design, but she is also professionally trained.  After earning her B.A. in History from UC Santa Cruz, she continued on for her Certificate in Interior Design from UCLA Extension, and recently received her Master of Interior Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona.  She has also been working in the field from fabric showrooms to a Design Assistant, and recently from a Design Project Manager to an Interior Designer at a well known showroom.

“I love to think outside the box, and that’s why I want to paint a fresh perspective for what it means to have an eclectic style- an interior MISMATCH “ ~ SarahRose Henkin

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