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The term "eclectic" has a negative connotation, meaning just random pieces thrown together, like it's not even a real style.  I always thought of eclectic as a bunch of old furniture, with "old lady" artwork on the wall.  However, after designing my Chicago apartment with a variety of furniture sources, I no longer feel that way.  

An eclectic collection of furniture can really work in a space if they share elements: color, shape, and repetition to name a few.  If you MISMATCH your selections, you can breathe new life into something that was old.  MISMATCH is about the fresh and unexpected!

Design periods, or styles, are just that- a period of design.  While they are each distinctive and have qualities that live on, it’s not how we live today.  A cohesive, eclectic design has a collected look that is personal and welcoming.   It takes the best aspects of those periods, and joins them altogether.  How does something stand out?  It contrasts against something else.  For example, why does a bold zig zag pop on an elegant Louis chair?  Because the geometric, graphic print stands out against the round, and delicate detailing of the chair.

My blog will discuss how a room doesn’t have to match- it has to "go."  I will show you how the principles of design can guide you to create an eclectic, yet cohesive interior design that will stand the test of time.

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