Sunday, March 15, 2015

dining table FLIP

As you saw in my last post, I found a new round, pedestal table last week which is perfect for our dining space.  So what do I do with the one we already found at the thrift store?  Flip it, of course!

Did you ever see the show Flea Market Flip? It used to be on HGTV a while back.  The premise of the show is that two teams each have one hour to find three items at a flea market for the best deal they can.  Then they have one day to "flip" their items, which means to give them a makeover.  Then they return to a flea market to sell their "flips" with the goal to make the highest profit, and win the ultimate prize of the show.  It never gets old!

Some flips turn out better than others, but it is just so much fun to watch.  It really gets our wheels turning!  This extra dining table of ours is the perfect opportunity to get our feet wet in this business.

This is the dining set I bought.  It wasn't sold as a set, but I pulled it together to be so.  You can see it can be used as a dining table or as a console.  The leaves fold down on either side, which makes it multifunctional.  I want to spruce it up, but I'm debating how creative I want to get.

1. Refinish the wood top, and paint the base navy blue:  Navy is a great neutral, and is something a little different but not distracting.

2.  Refinish the wood top and paint the base black: This is such a classic combination, and adds some sophistication.

3.  Paint the top Kelly Green, and the base charcoal grey.  The pop of Kelly Green is energizing.

4.  Paint the whole table a tone of teal.  It's a burst of color, but with some grey in it still makes it more livable.  On the other hand, maybe going bright teal is the way to go with a bold statement?

5.  Paint the whole table charcoal grey.  It is a soft and modern neutral.  It will go with any decor you have.

6.  Paint the whole table mint.  This color is everywhere these days, and pastels are still popular this year.  (Plus, it was my wedding color in 2012 <3  )

My husband and I both have the day off on Tuesday, so that's our day to get this flip flopped. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

I am going to post it for sale on Craigslist.  I'd like to make top dollar for it- especially because our new table cost a bit more than expected!  Which option do you think will do best in Portland?

*** visit "dining table FLIP: Part 2" to see which color I painted the table***


Photos: my HUSBAND
Drawings: by ME


  1. Go charcoal. Let the placemat, dishes and accessories set the color theme.


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