Monday, March 2, 2015

my portland STYLE

OMG- I can't believe I've been in Portland for 4 months already...and there is nothing on the walls!!

It's been a slow process of recovering from moving costs, finding furniture deals and unpacking along the way.  But I think it's just about that time for the fun design part to take over- yay!

A while back, I mentioned that I want to explore how to use neon colors in a living space.  Portland seems like the perfect place to try something off the beaten path.  Keeping it weird, as they say here.  Neon yellow seems to keep creeping into my subconscious, so I'm pretty sure that will be my accent color.  I'm going for an eclectic artsy feel with a mix of patterns and styles.

I've been adding inspiration ideas to my secret board on Pinterest.  I want our Portland home to be light, bright, and electrifying.  Neutrals paired with color and neon for balance and contrast.

Here are some of my inspirations:

So, does it look bright and happy to you?  And a bit artsy?  I'm finally having some clarity on colors for the downstairs area.  Stay tuned for more inspiration photos from my secret board on Pinterest.  I plan to reveal my board to you by April, and  I'll share more of me design with you as I go.


  1. Playful! Maybe it can counteract the overcast skies.

  2. Framing prints/paintings/photos/objects is an opportunity to choose exactly what you want to see when you look out your window.

  3. Loving that stool with the neon green! I have a Pinterest board on Neon: Haven't added to it in a while (I have the same painting there..), but having read your post, I'll go and revisit! The pops of color are wonderful.

    1. Hi Libby, I love that dip-dye style too!I made it over to your neon board and found some pins I like of yours. Have you seen my board 'so BRIGHT' I've been following you on Pinterest, too. Thanks for stopping by!


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