Thursday, March 5, 2015

dilemma of a RAG RUG

Two nights ago I went grocery shopping with my husband at a mega store.  It had all of the amenities of a Wal-mart, but fancier.  We went to the home area to buy some small trash bins for the kitchen, then made our way to the grocery section.  But then I pulled over because something gorgeous caught my eye...

WOW......Aren't the colors just amazing? I just love how bright it is, and I love the texture.  I have been looking for a super colorful rug and this might just be it.  Or is it a bit too crazy?  Okay, back to the grocery list!

So, this rug totally reminds me of this image I found on Pinterest.  It's just a mish-mash of colors, but more modern in a geometric pattern:

My husband surprised me the next day.  When I came home from work, he had the rug sitting in the back of his car.  As he carried it inside, I thought it looked a bit red/purple heavy, but who can really tell from the outside of the roll, right?

Apparently, I could!  This was definitely not the same coloring as the display rug- shoot....My excitement plummeted...You can see in the photo it is very heavy on the red, magenta, purple colors on the right half of the rug.  Then totally opposite, the left 1/4th of the rug is super neutral with grey, green and blue.  So random...  I decided to leave it out for the night and see how I felt the next day.

When I came down the stairs this morning, it wasn't so awful anymore.  From going to a white room, to plopping down this mega colorful rug was a bit shocking last night.  I kept it out to give myself time to adjust, and I'm still adjusting.  It is also stealing all of the attention in the room because I do not have any other accessories, or pieces for it to make sense with yet.  

See our "lovely" brown carpet?  Well, that's exactly why I want to add color with a rug in our living space!

And here comes the color... It's a lot to take in, but it may work.  I'm thinking that having these rich colors grounding the space will allow me to experiment with some neon up on the walls.  It may create the balance I need to work with such bright colors around the room.

I brought down our night tables to help me envision a coffee table or ottomans on top of the rug.  (I'm not sure what color our "coffee table" will be yet.)  At this point in time, I'm staring intensely at the rug because it's the only thing to look at so far.  In real life, the rug will be a supporting player and not the main attraction.  A gallery wall, drapery, and soft accessories will really bring everything together.

But again, the multi-colors of the display rug is what I originally fell in love with.  I'm going to head back to the store and ask if they will sell their display.  The nature of the handmade rag rugs is that each of them are so different, and that's the beauty of them.  The key is to find the right one for your design aesthetic and scheme.  

Hmm....I'm not sure how I feel about the colors, or the overall weave yet.  I have to admit that it is very cushy under my feet, which is an added selling point.  I'll let you know what I decide.  Any thoughts?


Photography: by ME


  1. I'll take this rug. Maybe even hang it on a wall. It definitely speaks to me!

    1. This would be beautiful as a wall hanging- it just has so much color and texture!


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