Thursday, February 26, 2015

achromatic ACCESSORIES

The last several weeks I've been talking about color palettes for winter.  The easiest way to change the color palette and feel of your room is with accessories.  To make your space feel a bit more like winter, shop for achromatic decor: black, white, or grey.  Remember to choose pieces with different textures so your design doesn't fall flat.  

Here's some great decorative accessories I found at Z Gallerie:

1. Daschund Bookends: I'm not an animal lover, but these bookends are just so classic.  I like the sophistication of the matte black finish.

2.  Sequoia Vase: I love the modern mix of metal in a wood grain impression

3. Trophy Bowl: The glossy white makes this traditional object more modern

4. Ceramic Filigree Jar: The perforations in this jar will cast shadows, with a touch of Moroccan style

5. Vegas Table Lamp: The mix of the black shade with metal base is a great transitional look

6. Scoppio Sphere on a Stand: These great sculpture pieces remind me of sputnik or sunburst motifs in mid-century modern design.  The spikes have great texture poking out from the center core.

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Which pieces would you choose to put in your home for an achromatic look for winter?


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