Thursday, March 12, 2015

time for TABLES

If you read my post 'dilemma of a RAG RUG' you'll know I was debating between the display rug and the one I actually brought home.  But I couldn't get a realistic feel for the rug without a coffee table, so I borrowed my nightstands to act as small coffee tables or ottomans.  (They were actually end tables in my last apartment).  After persuading my husband, I mean explaining to him why I like the two small tables instead of a large coffee table, he is totally on board.  So, now I'll explain it to you.

My reasoning is for flexibility and to break the space up a bit.  There are several large rectangles in our living space already.  The sofa console, sofa, media units, end table, and even the dining table.  It is starting to look like blocks and obstacles to move around.  I was also thinking about where to put the large coffee table when I do my workout videos, or when we extend the sleeper sofa.  I just had a feeling I was going to dread lifting that thing every time.  Plus, I can only use that as an excuse for not exercising for so long!

Do you see how the small square tables make the space feel a bit lighter?  If not, just take my word for it, it makes a difference.  They can even double as extra seating if you really think about it, right?

Did you notice the other improvement?  It's big and round....Yup, it's the new round pedestal dining table.  We went to IKEA for a walk (I know you're smirking at that) and ended up at the famous 'As Is' section.  After stalking the Ingatorp Extendable Table for an hour until closing, my husband went back the next morning and bought it for an excellent discount- ALRIGHT!

(View towards stairs)

I initially wanted a round pedestal table to keep the flow smooth and improve circulation in our small space.  Not only will it sit four people easily, but it opens up and has a butterfly hinge system with a leaf in the center.  It's a great investment piece, and will have longevity over the years.

(View towards kitchen)

Lastly, we moved our end table across the room, next to the door.  I didn't want two black tables next to each other, plus it was getting a bit snug.  Now it serves as the drop-off zone for my husband's stuff when he walks in the door, instead of just a pile on the floor- much better!  It also looks brighter with the side of the light grey sofa fully exposed.

Remember to 'missmatch' the shapes in your space.  It's good to have repetition, but a space also needs accents for variety.  There are several rectangles, a pair of squares, and two circles in different sizes.  Variety keeps the eye moving around the space, and keeps it interesting.


Drawings: by ME

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