Tuesday, March 31, 2015

design vs SPORTS

This is post is for all my sports fans out there!! (...you there?)

I think we are all familiar with the term Man Cave.  This room is usually sequestered to the basement, hidden from guests, and is occupied by the husband and all of his bachelor stuff.  For example: the big (HUGE) screen TV, the poster of dogs playing poker, and lots of sports memorabelia that just wouldn't look good in the main living room of the home.  Sound familiar?

Well, I was recently contacted by Fanatics.com.  Come again?  Turns out they are reaching out to bloggers, like myself, and would like to get our take on a well decorated "Fan Cave."  Hmmm...I think it's so easy for a sports room to go wrong, design wise, so I was intrigued by this challenge.  The only guidelines were to select a NFL jersey from their website, and share my design.  GAME ON

I recently moved to Portland, Oregon so I thought to choose our team, well that is until I remembered we don't have one.....So who else can represent the northwest? The Seattle Seahawks it is!
I can definitely work with this team's jersey: Navy blue, grey, and a punch of bright green.

I started with a neutral grey wall knowing that it would get covered with sports paraphernalia.  Then I found this handsome leather sectional in an espresso brown.  It is comfy to stretch out on, but has a tailored profile- no pillow-back recliners here!  And if someone spills a drink, just wipe it right off.  (It's not pigskin, but that's the idea.)  Next I wanted to punch some color into this design and found these great metal green coffee tables.  They are durable enough for the outdoors, so it can surely survive a "Fan Cave."  Green is repeated in the modern, geometric rug and adds some much needed pattern to this room.  The retro floor lamp reminds me of bright stadium lights, and the old-school clock can probably be found in the locker room.  The rustic wood finish on the end table is the perfect spot for a bowl of chips (...and dip?).  I added some bold stripes on the wall to unify the prized team jersey and other Seahawk paraphernalia.  STOP THE CLOCK

I think this is a sports den worthy to share with your guests, don't you?  There's no reason that sports and good design can't exist together.  It's all about balance, and using the sports team as inspiration instead of recreating the team's gift shop in your home (Haha- you know who you are...)

So it all comes down to this.... Does my mismatch design score a touch-down on this Seattle Seahawk's "Fan Cave"?


Jersey: Fanatics
Sofa, End table, Clock, Picture ledges: West Elm
Coffee tables, Rug, Floor lamp: CB2

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