Sunday, April 5, 2015

in my BED

Today has been a lazy day...and it feels so good just to relax in bed!   While I'm in here, I figured I better jump on the chance to get in on the bedding sale at West Elm before it ends tomorrow night.

I have been eyeing this bed set by Kate Spade for West Elm for several months.  It's called the Floral Duvet Combo/ Habanero.  The colors are so rich and bold.  I think this will help wake me up in the mornings and get my day started with more energy.

I used my Design Dollars to purchase the duvet and matching standard shams.

Continuing with my energy concept, I added these playful Dot Sheets/Pool.   This will be a real mix-up from the standard white sheets I've been using for the last several years.

The small polka dot pattern will balance with the large splotchy-floral pattern.  So, what should I put on the windows?

This wavy curtain has a lot of energy to it, but I'm not sure if it's too busy with the duvet...

I had zigzag drapery in my last apartment, but it was multicolored and a smaller scale.  This has high contrast and sharp lines which may balance well with my bedding.

Well, this is something different.  This block print design is great, but might compete for attention...

I'm just glad knowing that some new bedding is on the way.  My last bedroom was very neutral with grey, cream, and wood tones.  It was so peaceful to end each day with, but now I want something energizing to pump me up in the mornings.


Images: West Elm


  1. GO FOR IT! I vote for zigzag. I really like bold floral bedding, too!

    1. I did go for it! Well, at least the bedding- it should be here by next week.


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