Sunday, March 29, 2015

dining table FLIP: Part 3

We posted our dining table on Craigslist Wednesday.  As I mentioned, everyone likes to negotiate and haggle the price on this website, so we started at a price way higher than I ever expected to sell it for.  I thought it was crazy, but if no one replies, we'll just lower our price and post it again.

To my shock, we got an email reply on Thursday.  She said she will pick it up on Saturday.  And for how much? Exactly what we asked for- she didn't even talk about price!  I was flabbergasted (yes, flabbergasted)....My husband said to come by anytime after 5:30pm on Saturday.  How awesome is that?

On Friday she emailed us her phone number to arrange the pick up. It was a good sign she was following up on the purchase.

Saturday morning she texted and asked if we'd go 20% less, and my husband replied offering to settle for 10%.  And surprisingly she agreed- yay!

Then Saturday afternoon I was at work finishing my late lunch.  I was about to check my phone and just had a feeling bad news was waiting for me.  Sure enough, there was a text from my husband that our buyer pulled out.  Seriously?!  She said they decided to go with something else.  But something felt off to me, and I suggested we give her one more price reduction, and if still nothing, to let it be.  We offered 40% off our original price.  Two seconds later they agreed- Ha!

The table was picked up before I got home from work.  I was so excited.  40% off is the price I really had in my head all along.  While I'm not surprised it didn't sell at our original listing, I am still surprised someone even contacted us about it.  Just like they say, all you need is ONE.

The original cost of the table with the added cost of supplies, we profited $28.00.  It's not life changing, but its a 100% profit from our purchase price of the table.  Not too bad for our first flip, right?

Now I can't wait for the next project!

If you missed the DIY post, here it is 'dining table FLIP: Part 2'

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