Monday, February 23, 2015

a matching SET?

When I went to IKEA a few weeks ago to see their new Sektion kitchens, I couldn't help but peak into the 'As Is' section on my way out.  Real quick- just for a minute... (famous last words...)

Seriously? I just bought the exact same cabinet on Craigslist a few weeks ago!  It is a Besta cabinet with gloss white doors.  But the one I previously purchased had a glass top and metal legs, but those must be add-ons.  This floor model was marked half off, how can I pass this up?

(Stairs are in the upper-left corner of the floor plan)

Instantly I could envision it right next to our existing Besta cabinet.  This would be so great!  I called my husband at home, and ran the idea by him.  He liked it, so he grabbed the measure tape.  He said the cabinet would fit, but there would only be about 18" at the base of the stairs.  No.....seriously? My rush of energy fell to the floor.

Well, what if we use it somewhere else?  It would just be so nice to have a matching set- even for in the future when we move some day.  We definitely need more storage, so what if we use it as a console behind the sofa?  Plus, that would prevent the sofa back being the first thing you see when a person walks in.

Or what if we place it in the dining space and use it as a buffet?  We could store our wedding china inside and free up space in the hallway closet upstairs, which would be help.  Plus, that would be so convenient if we host a nice dinner.

With two options to choose from, we decided it was a good deal to take advantage of.  My husband met me at IKEA with my laptop so I could make these floor plans you see above.  I'm not going to lie, a few people stared my way- so funny...  In the meantime, my husband went to find the coordinating glass panel top, and found the discontinued metal legs in the 'As Is' section, of course!  Two hours later, just before closing, we finally loaded it in the car and took it home.

(FYI- I'm still sourcing for the coffee table and floor lamp)

Once we got it home and shifted the sofa and dining set, it fits right in.  Not only does it provide extra storage and disguise the back of the sofa when you enter inside, but I can accessorize- Yay!  The glossy surfaces bounce more light around the room which is great.  

You may think it's weird, or against a design rule to have the same cabinet serving two different areas with two different functions, but it totally works in this case.  I can 'missmatch' the placement because it is a simple and clean design.  It is not a statement piece, it just supports the design aesthetic. It functions as a media console in the front of the room, and functions as a sofa console in our entry.  Especially in a small space, repetition will make your space feel larger and more cohesive.

I like the flexibility to use this cabinet for different purposes.  Maybe they will be side by side in our next place, or maybe they will flank a book case- only time will tell. the end, our floor model with the accessories was about the same price we negotiated it for on Craiglist, so 'missmatch' your sources too!


Photography: my HUSBAND
Floor Plans: by ME

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