Wednesday, November 25, 2015

a pumpkin MAKEOVER

I've had my pumpkins sitting on my door stoop for over a month now.  I set them out in time for Halloween.  Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner (literally- it's tomorrow) I thought it was time to glitz them up.  I've seen photos on Pinterest that gave me ideas, so none of this is ground breaking.  If you have 30 minutes to spare, you can add a bit o'gold to your Thanksgiving holiday.

Supplies: Pumpkins, gold acrylic paint and a paintbrush

Step 1: Pour a few drops of paint at the top of the pumpkin

Step 2:  Brush the paint downwards in straight lines.  Feather it out so the most paint is at the top, and more sparse about half way down the sides of the pumpkin.  My goal was to have a slight ombre effect.

Step 3: Place your pumpkins back on your stoop, or even decorate your Thanksgiving table.  You're done!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~

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