Monday, May 4, 2015

mismatch BAY WINDOW

I love having a large bay window in my living room.  It allows a lot of light to shine in, and good air circulation on those warm days.  Here's an elevation I drew so you can see it:

Hmm, do you notice anything a bit odd?  The large center window of this trio is not centered on the wall- it drives me crazy!  How does someone take the time to add this great feature to a home, and then not execute it with precision?  Well, this is proof that is happens not just in my town home, but in the entire complex.  Anyhoo....

I certainly planned to dress these windows from the moment we moved in.  There are mini metal blinds on all of our windows.  As unattractive as they are, they do provide light control and privacy.  I live on the end unit in a row of townhouses, but I do have neighbors across the way so privacy is a concern.  

So I really only needed a decorative element to soften the hard lines of the mini blinds, and add some luxury to feel like more like a home instead of a rental.  My plan was to hang stationary fabric panels to add a pattern and visual interest to this otherwise unadorned wall.  I was going to hang a pair on the center wall, and a pair framing the small side windows for a cohesive design.  Hanging a pair of fabric panels on the center wall that overlap the window edges would create the illusion that the large window is centered.    Perfect!

However, if you read my blog, you already know that this plan went out the WINDOW (haha).  Click here to read about it.  The gist of it is that I found sheer panels at a steal of a deal and went with it.  Here's the new plan:

I'm really excited about these new window treatments!  Creating a wall of sheers also disguises the un-centered window- my nemesis... By creating a fluid or continuous window treatment it makes the wall feel like one large window instead of 3 smaller windows.  Another benefit is that sheers with 2x fullness also filters light and blurs the view from our close-by neighbors .  I think I will pull the mini blinds up during the day, and just lower them in the evening for complete privacy.

However, my last thought is to use washi tape and create a faux molding around each window for some added detail.  In this case I would evenly space the molding on the large window so it looks centered.  I know this is a bit out-of-the-box, but that's my style:

There's so much to say about window treatments, that I think I'll save more of my tips for another post.  I went and bought drapery rods last week, and I can't wait to install them!

So, what do you think of my ideas to unite my mismatch bay window?


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