Wednesday, March 25, 2015

sheers by SURPRISE

Yesterday I went to my local West Elm to look for new bedding.  I was on the search for Kate Spade Saturday Floral Duvet Cover + Shams.  I was a bit sad when I couldn't find them in the store, so I kept looking around for some more design inspiration.

Not only did I find some inspiration, but I found a great deal.  I was scoping the sale section, as you should know is my new favorite past time, and found some geometric sheers.

by ME

I think these would look pretty cool in my living room.  I showed them to my husband, and he agreed without hesitation- YES.  However, I couldn't find the tag with the name of the sheer.  Everything else was tagged, so I figured they must be out of stock already...

I found a cool lamp and pendant, but came back over to the drapery section.  I looked through all the packages and finally found two on the bottom row, marked at 50% off.  They did not have more in the back, but said I could buy these two for 75%  off.  What a steal, but I need more than two for my bay window.  I asked if they could check their Seattle location.  Looks like they should have 14 in the system, but turns out they had none....But then we found seven in California- put those babies on HOLD!

I bought the last two in Portland to take home and confirm they were going to work in our living room.  Of course, this idea was totally out of the blue.  I had been planning to use decorative panels in between and on the outside of the bay window.  I could picture these in my design right away.  I like the Moroccan, geometric, and feminine feel they bring to our space.  Sheers will filter the light in our space and cover our builder grade metal blinds.

When I got home I learned that my ceilings aren't quite 8 feet tall, so I'll need to hem them a bit.  The panels are 48"W, and sheers should be about 2x-3x fullness.  This makes the sheers look more luxurious, and not as if you hung a sheet up on the wall (very college-esque).  As a discontinued item there is only a limited amount available, so mine will be about 2x fullness. That means 1 panel per 24 linear inches.  

(PS....You can still find the Rosette Tile Burnout Curtain online in the 84"L)

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