Wednesday, February 11, 2015

heart day DIY

Oh wow, it's almost Heart Day... Already?!

I started to think about how to incorporate a little Valentine's Day decor without looking like decorations for a party.  What about a piece of art?  I want it for the holiday, but also okay to have out all year long if I wanted to.  

Here's my idea to re-purpose your regular artwork for Heart Day:

This is a set of artwork I made for my Chicago apartment, but it's not really fitting my new Portland style.  Time for a makeover!

I took out my art supply boxes and rummaged around until I found my washi tape dispenser.  I cleaned off the scraps, and found my color palette: orchid, lilac, yellow, and spring green

Here's what you will need:  A piece of artwork to re-purpose, washi tape, scissors, and templates for your design (I printed these out from a basic document)

First cut out my heart template and traced it onto a piece of white card stock.  Then cut a polygon shape around the heart.

Turn the heart outline downward so you can cut the shape out easily afterwards.  Start sticking down strips of washi tape in random directions.  Rotate through your colors in order so it looks balanced.

Then stick down a lot more pieces until all of the white paper is covered.  Feel free to eyeball it with your template to make sure.

Next, carefully peel up the edges of the tape, and turn the white paper right side up to see the heart outline. It's a bit stiff to cut through, so just go slow.

Wow, it looks so beautiful! LOVE!

I mounted it onto white card stock with washi tape, of course, and set it back into the black frame.  Repeat these same steps with the "X O" templates.

Here is my washi tape Heart Day decor DIY.  I love how it turned out! (I just wish I had a better photograph to share with you....)  The colors are beautiful in person.  I kept it colorful with some neon colors and bright white, nothing too typical of Valentine's day.  This set of artwork probably takes about an hour to craft.

I hope you'll try my 'missmatch' Heart Day diy project.  You probably already have the supplies at home.  And if you made it through elementary school art class, you can definitely make this for your sweethearts!

happy HEART DAY!!


Photography: by ME
Supplies: previously owned


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