Wednesday, January 28, 2015

not your grandmother's WATERCOLOR

Within this past year, I have become entranced with watercolor.  I feel like this medium is making a real come back.  Have you noticed it when you're out shopping?  It can easily flow into ombre designs with dip-dye techniques, too.

I have been in love with this print..The minty aquas to hot pink, to yellow and black.  It has such a sense of motion, like bubbles rising or cells multiplying.  The highs and lows in coloration are ethereal.  Watercolor feels so modern in this context.

Or take in neutral and stormy with this bedding.  The fluidity of ink blue is like a storming rolling through, never knowing where it may bleed.  It's so powerful and deep.

To see more of my watercolor finds stop by my Pinterest board 'wash of COLOR'


Colorful dots: Freutcake
Bedding: Nordstrom

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