Sunday, January 4, 2015

my birthday COLOR

My birthday was this weekend, right in hand with the new year- Hooray!!

I received wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family all day long, but none made me analyze myself like this message from one of my best friends:

Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says about You is written by astronomer Michele Bernhardt.  This is a study of astrology, numerology and best of all, color theory (using Pantone schemes.)

The Pantone Color of the Day: Jan 02 is Toasted Nut: Musical, Emotional, Responsible

Even though the color name Toasted Nut implies this image reference...

.... I think of this shade as a make-up foundation color:

It feels so much more beautiful to me as a warm bronzy base, don't you think?'s still not really a color I identify with at first, but then I think of how it can melt and blend with other warm tones.  While we're talking makeup, eye shadow palettes would be a great resource for how to use this color in a room design.  

I am in love with this palette, I feel like I'm warm and cozy with my scarf and knee high socks on, curled up in a cozy chair with some hot cocoa....  I like how this eye shadow kit by stila at Sephora mixes this Toasted Nut shade with golden tones, grayer taupe colors, reddish browns, and even a black accent.  This palette has a lot of dimension with both cool and warm tones.

I picture a bouquet of dusty pink roses wrapped with twine laying on a rustic wood table, or a raspberry-filled chocolate melting in my mouth.  This eye shadow kit by tarte at Sephora plays up my birthday shade with pink tones like a deep berry and kissable pink.  What a romantic palette...

This 'missmatch' colorstrology selection for January 02 also surprises me.  I would have assumed that a color for January would have been a cool winter color such as blue, purple, or grey.  Pantone 13-1627 is a warm tone that reminds me more of the spring season, but I'm no astrologer!

Do you know what your colorstrology pick is in the Pantone universe?


Toasted Nuts: Hungry Brownie
Foundations: Fashion Diva Design
Eye Shadows: Sephora
2nd Eye Shadows: Sephora


  1. Love this! I would have never thought of using an eyeshadow pallet for interior color inspiration, but you're totally right. My birthday color is American Beauty (PANTONE 19-1759). Hummm... will have to find the matching eyeshadow pallet at Sephora ;) Happy Birthday, Missmatch!

    1. Wow, you're birthday color is juicy! How bout this Dior Addict Gloss at Sephora - 853 Rouge Dèfendu - bright cherry red ?

  2. Looking forward to discovering my color, too.

    1. Hmm, I can't find it.....Jessamyn, can you help us find the color for April 13th?


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