Monday, November 24, 2014

autumn entryway SPRUCE-UP

Let's get cozy tonight...but not where you think!

To my surprise the complementary color palette with orange was the favorite choice for my new ideas for autumn colors.  I mentioned that you can spruce up a space in your home for the season, so here are some ideas for your entryway.


Above you'll see the essential and functional pieces for an entryway, or mudroom if you're fortunate to have one: a coatrack, storage bench, hamper/side table, and of course a mirror to take a final glance into as you rush out the door.  (FYI, the storage bench is a great spot to store your seasonal pillows.)  A bit bland against this beige wall, don't you think?  However, it is a great neutral base to add some color!

After the spruce-up:

The complementary color of orange is blue if you recall.  I started with a grid-tufted, solid orange pillow from Crate & Barrel, for some subtle texture.  An easy way to pull a design together is by having one piece that incorporates all of your colors.  Can you spot it above?  That's right- The graphic leaf pillow was too perfect to pass by.  Not only does it have leaves for the season, but it has orange, navy, and grey-blue in it for some extra depth.  (Also available at Crate & Barrel).  Next I wanted to ground the space and bring color onto another plane.  This  runner repeats the grey-blue in the pillow to  reinforce our color palette.   The diamond pattern is modern with a traditional feel.  It may even enhance the user's utility of the space since it will feel more like a destination, not a bench to pass by on your way to the door.   I chose the blueprint in navy to repeat another color from the inspiration pillow.  Lastly, a classic frame with a family photo adds a personal touch to this entryway.

Entryway Spruce-up
TOTAL= $428.00

Do you see how these decorative accents completely transform this area?  The contrast of orange and blue bring some warmth, and welcome you to take a moment to sit and tie your shoes.    Repetition of our complementary colors and geometric shapes tie our design together.

With your new 'missmatch' autumn decor, you're sure to get some "Oohs" and "Ahhs" for something other than your sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving!



Coatrack: Target
Storage bench: Crate & Barrel
Hamper: West Elm
Mirror: West Elm
Orange pillow: Crate & Barrel
Pattern pillow: Crate & Barrel
Runner: Pottery Barn
Blue print: West Elm
Gallery frame: Pier 1


  1. I LOVE when interior designers dissect design like that! And my entryway looks (almost) exactly like the first picture lol. I've been wanted to add some orange or pink to the mostly gray/wood/gold space. I'm going to look at my entryway tomorrow (when it's light) with your suggestions in mind. Great post! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Ooh, orange and pink would bring energy/sophisticates to your entryway. I'm glad that inspires you!


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