Sunday, June 1, 2014

just one, PLEASE

Today I was browsing on, and I was inspired by a beautifully designed, monochromatic apartment, by T. Keller Donovan. (see below)  This is a great example of using a strong color that encapsulates the whole space.  I also like the more traditional aspect of repeating the same fabric pattern through a room: on the sofa, on the chairs, and the window treatments.

This notion of repeating a fabric multiple times through a room can feel heavy depending on the composition of the rest of the room, as well as the fabric selection itself.  This room inspired me to make my Monochromatic Collection.

First I planned to use royal blue, then teal, then a grey-teal, and nothing was catching my eye.  Then I thought- Green!  I see grass along the sidewalk at my apartment, and I see grass along the bike path on Lake Shore Drive, and it's so lush.  It's been so long since I've seen bright green grass after this never-ending winter.  I ended up selecting this leafy green color, a bit acidy, but it makes a statement. This will be my "Just One" color.

So, as I've told you my fabric was the inspiration for this room.  I also chose an organic pattern, but instead of a solid I chose a stripe to mix it up a bit.  I would use the leaf pattern on the sofa and the drapery, and I would use the stripe on the chairs.  The clean lines on the sofa compliment the busy pattern, and the dark finish on the legs relate to the cut-out back chairs.  This Ankara chair reminds me of a updated perspective of a chinese chippendale chair back.  I brought in this beautiful, silver leafed armoire by Nancy Corzine.  It's a touch of metallic, and it's the perfect blend of modern and traditional with moldings and a geometric pattern in the mirror.  Next I wanted modern lighting, and found this great tripod floor lamp.  Then I dipped the other way and wanted something intricate for wall art, and this frame (yes- it's from IKEA) worked seamlessly with my leafy fabric pattern.  Last of all, I needed a place to set a drink or showcase some accessories.  My first thought was to use an upholstered ottoman, but ended up using this marble top coffee table.  It may seem like a lot of legs in the space, but I like how the white and medium wood tone mirror the floor lamp.  

Quite a 'missmatch' of pieces that I think really work well together in my Monochromatic Collection.

(images: linked within text)


  1. I love that coffee table. If I were buying it, I would definitely choose the arabescato top. :)

    1. Such good taste!

      But I do also like the travertine top, depending on the scheme of the room.


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