Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I am loving my new sheers that I installed in my bay window last week.  It completely changes the look of that wall, and makes it a real feature.  The ceiling appears higher, and the white sheers bounce the natural light from outside. If you missed my post, click HERE.


Sheers panels are just that- sheer.  They add a subtle finishing touch to a design.  Did you even notice the window treatments in this modern room?  Mid-century furniture and a  bold stripe rug steal the show, but the sheers soften the hard lines of the window.

              Apartment Therapy

This rustic bedroom is encapsulated in linen sheers.  I don't know the weather report, but it sure feels light and breezy despite the large and heavy wood bed.  The sheers are like a textured wall in this bedroom.

           Pottery Barn

I love this vignette!  These linen sheers have a small geometric pattern with both modern and bohemian appeal.  This layer of pattern is so subtle especially when the light shines through.  They are a perfect touch in this traditional design.


These sheers are so unexpected!  The pom pom tassels on the edges add a touch of whimsy to these otherwise plain sheers.


The walls in this design are sky high!  The iron rod for the sheers pulls your eye straight up to the ceiling.  The gold accents in this design steal the show, but the sheers make it feel complete.


I finally found some sheers with a grommet top.  As shown, you can even use sheers as side panels. They don't need to cover the whole window. The touch of chrome feels modern with all of these neutrals.

So, do you have any bare windows that can benefit from some sheers?

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