Saturday, May 9, 2015

just for MOM

We're finally getting some beautiful spring weather in Portland, and just in time for Mother's Day- how nice!

I can't treat my mom to brunch from out-of-state, but I hope she'll enjoy the fresh and colorful flowers currently on the way to her  *SURPRISE*

Do you have time for a little DIY for your mom?  I found this cute confetti vase with tulips on Pinterest.  It seems simple enough for anyone to do as long as you have a hole punch handy.

                   via Pinterest

I also found some other cute DIYs perfect for Mother's Day on the blog Julep from Minted.  This next idea is just so SWEET:


Have a lovely weekend with those you love~

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  1. The flowers arrived in perfect condition. Their beautiful colors are adorning my space. Love them. Love you more!


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