Monday, January 19, 2015

remember the RUG

There are so many things to consider when designing a room.  For example, let's talk about a family room.  Let's see....we'll need a sofa, a love seat or maybe two chairs, a coffee table, end tables, a media console, a lamp, and.....just so many things.

There are four walls to a room, so you have probably considered your wall color.  Are you going to keep it, or are you ambitious enough to tape off your precious moldings to paint?

But wait, there's still another major consideration that's so easy to STEP right over.  That's right- the floor!  Do you like the finish and color?  Is it darker than you wish it was?  Does it feel like your furniture is floating in your great room?  Are the floors cold on your feet in the winter?  Would you rather have something soft for the kids to sit on to play games at the coffee table? And the most important question....Are you gonna go bold or go home?!

Area rugs are so important, but are easily glanced over.  Their function is sometimes taken for granted, and we should seize the moments when we can really make a statement with an area rug.  It can greatly influence the style of your room.

If your room feels a bit flat, add some soft texture with a shag rug:

If your room has lots of colorful artwork, complement it with a neutral rug:

If your room feels too traditional, freshen it up with a modern striped rug:

If your room feels quiet or bland, wake it up with an eye-catching colorful rug:

To see more inspiration images like these, checkout my Pinterest boards "my style, RIGHT NOW" and "mix it UP".

These are some great examples of how to 'missmatch' your style with an area rug.  I can't wait till I find the perfect rug for my home.  I have a neutral sofa on the way (it should be here by mid-February  *think good thoughts*), so I'm definitely going to mix it up with bright colors.

What does your area rug do for your space, or is it time for a new one?


Shag rug: Pink Rug Co, Etsy
Neutral rug: Bloglovin'
Modern rug: Hege in France
Colorful rug: SF Girl by Bay

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