Thursday, January 22, 2015

to extend OR NOT?

My husband and I are finally moving in!  Well, we've been here for 3 months to the day, and it's about time we get some furniture, don't you think?

We've been working on some floor plans for our office.  Gosh, I'm so excited to have a REAL workspace.  That means our bed will no longer be a place of business- yay!  I even gave my husband step-by-step instructions to help draw the floor plans you will see below.  As happy as I was to teach him, and let him be involved on another level, there were some moments when I just wanted to steal the mouse back and take charge!  The energy and ideas were just flowing through to my hands, so it took a lot of control to verbally express my directions to him.  You know what I mean?  It's like slowing down to try eating with your non-dominant hand.

The low 9-drawer dresser has been our media console since we moved in.  We took out all of the drawers, and got it up to the stair landing with the dolly.  But hauling it up a flight of stairs was a bit scary- I'm not going to lie.  My husband pulled from the top stairs, and I was propped below pushing it up, one stair at a time.  Each stair was announced with a loud CLUNK of the wheels at the base.  We backed it into the bathroom, and pivoted it into the office.  The desk was next.  It it also a large piece of furniture, so I had to unscrew the legs, slide the table up the stairs (together), and screw the legs back on.  This slim profile table is surprisingly heavy- phew!  

Office Floor Plan- Option A:

I like Option A because I get a full view of the desk and work space when I walk in the room.  It's also light and bright with the white desk and white tall bookcase.  For this plan I'll forgo the table leaf and keep it at 60"L so there is room to access both sides of the closet.  The sight line is open to the window across from the door because the dresser is low at about 30"h.  The dresser is a dark wood finish.  I planned to re-use our bedroom full length drapery from my Chicago apartment to frame the window.  However, because of the wall heater (the tiny rectangle) the dresser needs to be pushed to the window wall.  In this case I will extend the drapery rod from the window corner across to the bookcase, and hang both panels together on the wall next to the window.  This trick will give the illusion that the window is wider than it is, which I'm a fan of.

Office Floor Plan- Option B:

I like Option B because we can look out the window while we are working.  As a child my desk was below my window, in college it was next to the window, and in Chicago my dining table/desk was centered under a very large window.  It's so great to have natural light (plus I like to brainstorm looking out to the sky).  This plan allows us to open the table with the leaf to 87"L- which is HUGE.  The dresser and the book case would be on the same wall for all of our storage needs.  I have a some flexibility with the window treatments, but I think I might just use the same idea as Option A.

My next day off is Monday, so I think that will be my next opportunity to move the tall bookcase upstairs with the help of my husband.  There is no way I can do that myself.  At this point, I'm just so excited to see some furniture in the office!

Soon as I think I'm decided on a floor plan, I start thinking about the other one.  It would be so great to extend the desk full length, but do we really need to?  Which floor plan option do you prefer for our new office?


Floor plans: by ME

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