Wednesday, January 14, 2015

felt pillow DIY

Did you see the felt flower pillow I used in 'my birthday ROOM' post?  I love the texture so much.  Now, let's learn how to make one!

I got this idea from my Pinterest board 'cr8ive IDEAS."  I pinned this DIY project 7 months ago, and now it makes sense to share it with you here.  The step by step instructions are provided by Vidya at Whats Ur Home Story- blog.

Here's a teaser, but follow the links to see the original post at What's Ur Home Story!

I like the simplicity of this circle design.  It's really just a texture, it doesn't look flowery at all.  This works in a design for a child, or for a modern 20-30 something, and even those sophisticated or funky elders out there!  Whether you keep it monotone, or mix in other colors, this is a new way to use felt in your home.  

'Missmatch' your relationship with felt: Take it off the children's craft table, and cover a pillow for your sofa or chair!

...And let me know how you FELT about it!  (sorry, that's cheese ball, but I couldn't resist)


All images: Whats Ur Home Story

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