Monday, January 12, 2015

"as is" IKEA

Last week I stopped by IKEA with my husband.  We were just going to pick up an extra set of flatware.   (It seems we go through our forks much faster than we used to...Hmmm...)  Since we were out, we decided we may as well walk through the large maze of IKEA, and see if we get inspired by any furniture or design ideas for our place- what a great idea! Embarrassingly, we have been here for just over 2 months and we are still eating with pillows on our lap, seated in camping chairs.  Our little end table is also our dining table...

So, this is what we went in for.  This is the Fornuft 20-piece flatware set.  Believe it or not, this was the only item we picked up- oh wait!  We also picked up a paper towel holder.  It's been driving me crazy just having the roll sit next to the kitchen sink.  Here is the TORKAD Paper towel holder.

Then we continued through to the checkout lanes, but WAIT!  What's that big sign over there say?  "AS IS."  I have never seen this section advertised before, so I pulled my wonderful husband over there so I could have a look.  You just never know what you may find.  After all, someone's trash is someone else's treasure.

Take a look at that carving...I love it!  I darted right over to this white dining table with round tapered legs and spool carving details.  It was IKEA furniture, but has more charm than the popular modern design IKEA does so well.  This beauty is called the INGATORP Extendable Table.

Oh, but is it worth this much?  I was already searching on Craigslist for a great deal on dining tables, and found some possibilities a bit less, including chairs.  So, how can I justify this price for only a table?  And not only that, I'm pretty sure this won't fit in our small dining area....

I was definitely becoming attached to the table, but was still battling with the price.  Apparently, clearance prices only get reduced after an item has been on the floor for 3 months, and most items sell in 10 days or so.  Upon further inspecting the table, my husband discovered a track system below, and took critical notice of the black arrow at the edge of the table.  You guessed it- it's EXTENDABLE.   This greatly increases the value of this piece!  Even if we can't use it as our dining table for now, it will be a furniture piece we can take to our next home.  I mean, even if we keep it for 4 years, that only $50 per year- not to shabby!

Here is a quick floor plan I drew of our first floor with just the bare essentials.  The INGATORP Extendable Table shown above is 61"L x 34"W , and extends to ~85"L.  That's a pretty decent size.  You can see the table slightly hangs past the wall, but unfortunately, it doesn't leave much room for chairs.  

This dining space is intended for a round or square table.  It will still be a cozy fit, but it definitely enhances the flow of the space.  When guests are seated at the table, there will be little to no interference from the kitchen (to the right of the dining table) to the stairs (to the left of the dining table).

What a great way to 'missmatch' the function of a dining table.  The large surface area will be amazing to take advantage of.  There will be room for me to blog on my laptop, and have my own little library of design books and materials on the back half of the work surface.  I even think there will be room to share some precious realty with my husband to do his work!

One day this "AS IS" find will be our dining table, but I will be enjoying every moment using it in our new office.  I can't wait to get it set up, and have an inspiration board nearby with more 'missmatch' ideas to share with you.


Flatware: IKEA
Towel holder: IKEA
Dining table: IKEA
Photography: by my husband
Floor plans: by ME

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