Sunday, November 2, 2014


My husband and I have been living in Oregon for almost two weeks.  As I mentioned last time I'm taking an e-course series which is a lot of work for this blog (I hope it will all be worth it!).  My husband has been doing most of the unpacking of boxes, and I know he's so anxious to start making our new place look like a home....But I told him I just need ten more days to finish the e-course, and then I'll start drawing up plans.

So, Sunday morning rolls around and my husband asks, "So, do you want to go to IKEA?"  Yes, of course I'd like to see what's new!  I was hesitant because I haven't even measured our place yet, but decided to go so we can get some essential storage items to help unpack other boxes.  That sounds logical, right?

We walked in and I already needed a snack, so I got a snicker doodle cookie.  It was so soft and yum, but I saved the rest for later.  We both agreed we wouldn't stay too long (ha!).

On the list today:
- Additional towel hooks in bathroom
- Additional storage in bathroom (over-the-Johnny cabinet?)
- Shoe storage at entry

Of course we did some browsing for other things that we are waiting to buy for a bit...

We had the Ektorp sofa for several years, so I think we are ready for something a bit different.  We saw this sleeper sofa in dark grey.  It is more of a modern style.

And this bed with drawers below would be great for some extra storage.  There is even a storage headboard from the same collection.

Okay, so back to business....

There is only one towel rack in the bathroom of our two bedroom apartment, so we need a better solution.  It just drives me crazy to have a towel draped over the shower rod...I think this new double bar should do just the trick.

We couldn't decide on a new medicine cabinet today for more storage for our everyday toiletries.  This cabinet was our front runner.  It is similar in style to the mirror in our bathroom, with deep shelves.  But do we really need another mirror?  I'm going to shop around a bit more.

There was a lot of back and forth when it came time to choosing items for the entry.  Our entry is about 3' x 5', not much space so it needs to be planned just right.  I want to a place to put our shoes away.  I also need a space to hang our coats, because our coat closet is across the living room- not ideal.  

I was attracted to the shoe storage units that look like a console because it looks like a piece of furniture, well it is a piece of furniture, instead of just a shoe rack with metal bars.  Then I found a simple wood bench, which housed beneath it, those very metal bars I despised....but I really loved the idea of a bench.  So, with shoe storage below, we could get an overhead unit with several hooks, a hanging bar and a shelf on top- Perfect, an instant mudroom!  But then once I hung up a jacket, it was starting to look like a closet, not the cute mudroom I envisioned.

So, I went back to the shoe console idea.  Since our wall is only 3', we need to make the best use of our space.  Oh, and did I mention I'm on a budget?  Moving is expensive, so I wanted the best bang for my buck!  The unit I wanted was actually going to overhang the wall about two inches, and would that drive me crazy? Maybe? Well, what if we use a small unit that is about 20"L, and then use my Martini Side Table as a stool?  Hmm....then we can get a coat rack to hang on the adjacent wall that the door opens to.  That would allow me to hang a picture frame on the wall above the shoe cabinet, and still have room for an accessory- Yay, Let's do it!

Oh, and I also found this great rug!  This is the style and feel I picture for our place.  It's modern, but a bit different.  I like the neon yellow mixed with muted colors in a geometric design.  (Now that I see this image, the yellow looks less neon, but it's still the concept I like)

Four hours later we left IKEA into the dark of the night of 5:45 pm.  Time just disappears in that place...I was so ready for some dinner (I even ate the rest of my snicker doodle cookie when we were debating bathroom cabinets).  My husband is downstairs eagerly assembling our new IKEA shoe cabinet- hopefully that goes well.  Now I am forced to start drawing before my class ends, but I'll start with the entry way.  I'm really excited too!


Sofa: IKEA
Towel bars: IKEA
Medicine cabinet: IKEA
Shoe cabinet: IKEA
Coat rack: IKEA


  1. The dark gray sofa is sleek yet looks comfortable! And I LOVE that rug! Looking forward to seeing how your new place will be decorated :)

    1. Oh, you do?! I think the rug could make for an unexpected color palette for our home, but I'm still gonna shop a round more- thanks!


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