Sunday, November 9, 2014

time for a MAKEOVER

I hope you got the chance to see the mood board I created for my new blog design at the end of October.  I was trying to incorporate those colors into my new logo, but it just didn't feel right.  The black and white contrast paired with the bright magenta and cyan was just too harsh.  After many, MANY color trials, I decided on this, what you see in my header above.

As a reminder, my blog personality is spring/winter.  I've chosen to use spring colors: radiant orchid, lavender, and spring green instead of using cyan for fresh ideas and creativity.  Winter is still represented with black and white.

I've also made some new tools for you to use.  In the right column I've added a general search box, organized my posts by category, and added my contact information.  Just one more thing- I updated my bio on my "about ME" tab.

Here is my BEFORE:

And here is my AFTER:

Also, be sure to check out my updated Facebook Page and Pinterest with my new logo!

Have a good night~


  1. It looks great, SaraRose! The new colors are fresh and springy, yet you kept the sharpness of Winter with some of the fonts & black/white colors. I love that you added the "search" and "categories." Fantastic job! xx


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