Monday, October 6, 2014

diy bridal SHOWER

I flew out to California last weekend for a Bridal Shower for my new sister-in-law.

Yellow was also a color at my wedding, so I was able to use the extra paper lanterns for this occasion.    My new sister-in-law was also at my wedding, and it was special to share them with her this weekend.

We had appetizers and wine in the backyard as guests arrived

I made these personalized water bottle labels.  I found this geometric, grey and yellow scrapbook paper at Michael's Art and Crafts.  I cut strips that were 3" H x 10.5"L.  Then I printed a personal message on the sticker labels by Gartner on my printer.  I wrote, "Bridal Shower honoring Bridget Moreno Henkin."  For a final touch, my niece added the stick-on rhinestones, just like on the invitation.  Everyone loved them.  It's so easy to do, and it's easy on the purse strings.  Try it at your next event!  

I used other scrapbook paper in complimentary patterns for the rest of the decor.  I found a grey and white stripe, a bold black and white polka dot, a very small yellow and white polka dot, and a black and white design filled with words about wedding (bride, groom, love, family)

I was planning to make garlands with these circles of paper, but in the end (and for the sake of time) I attached them to the plates I hung on the wall.  Yes, that's right!  I hung paper plates on the wall in a grid pattern in the living and dining room to tie the two rooms together.  This was my 'missmatch' idea for wall decor- taking it outside of the box.

The invitation was used as the inspiration for the cake.  It was almost too cute to eat, but we still managed to!  (It was so yum- red velvet cake, the bride's favorite)


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