Thursday, September 18, 2014

angle this and THAT

Is it okay to have a crush on a bedroom?!

This bedroom vignette is stopping me in my tracks tonight...

Do you see the shared element in this design?  Let's see if you can figure it out.  The focal point of this bedroom is not the headboard, it's the beautiful and colorful block quilt.  It's Americana, but with a modern twist in this color scheme and bold blocks of color- love!  Next my eye jumps up to the golden pendant light, linking to the gold triangles in the quilt.  You will see the modern/industrial pendant also repeats the triangle motif. There are cute accessories on the night table, but look at those legs!  Remind you of a triangle shape?  Triangle geometric shapes are definitely the shared element in this eclectic bedroom design.  Even though the supporting players are neutral, it's a mix of warm and cool neutrals to mix it up a bit.  A touch of black adds some definition- and walah!  

This is a great example how to use repetition to unite different styles into a cohesive look.

To see more rooms that speak to me, visit my Pinterest Board - my style, RIGHT NOW


Bedroom - DDG daily

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