Monday, September 15, 2014

the concept and INSPIRATION

It's a traditional idea to repeat the same fabric three times in a space.  This repetition creates a very cohesive look.  A fresh way to use this concept is to use the same pattern, and repeat it in a different scale.  

These are my Jacquard Leaf shams by West Elm.  I'm using this "plus sign" pattern for the inspiration for my DIY Washi tape feature wall.

I was shopping at Target for some other items, and decided to check out their arts and crafts aisle for Washi tape.  I found this gold tape by Scotch, 0.59"W x 393.7"L. (Here is the link to the silver color, I can't find the gold online).

Here is my trial run on the closet wall.  However, I think I'll space it out 12" x 12" or so for the actual installation.  I want it to be a subtle detail, and not compete with all of the other patterns in our bedroom.

Here's a link to The Bedroom Reveal if you need a refresher, or have yet to see my bedroom.

Also, if you missed last week's post...when you don't have A HEADBOARD


Photography: by Me
Shams: West Elm
Tape: Target

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