Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 3 of 10

I just returned from grocery shopping with my husband.  He's unloading the food while I write this post, then I'm making dinner.  Sounds fair, don't you think?

Green was speaking to me of broccoli, tall asparagus, french cut green beans (my new favorite), and crinkle cut zucchini.  So, this caught my eye soon as I ventured onto Pinterest.

First of all, I love the light flooding into this dining space.  The light wood floors bring a rustic touch through the room.  White is repeated three times here: the island, buffet, and of course the dining table, which is featured here.  I gave quite a lead in, but do you see the pop of color tying the whole space together?  Yup- it's green!  My eye is drawn to the green glass vase with plants sprouting out.  Green is repeated on the back wall with the coat rack, and again with a small collection of containers on the island.  The power of color is even uniting the mix of chair styles at the table.  Both have slim silhouettes, but one is a solid back and the other has a splat down the center.  So, the key to this eclectic room with furnishing from rustic floors to a traditional buffet, and from scandinavian  to industrial chairs, is the repetition of two colors: white and green.

Have you used the repetition of color to mix n' match different styles together in your space?

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