Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's all about "the Find"

I stopped by our local thrift shop a few times this week, and spotted some good finds.

I found a cherry wood writing desk that can be used as our television stand.  I wanted something unconventional, so I thought that would be perfect.  Plus, it has brass accents!

These two brown/black side tables are a nice pair.  They are a little scuffed up, but it's nothing that a Sharpie or stain pen can't fix.

On the next aisle I found a large white bookcase.  It can be placed with our current bookcase (also from the same shop) to look like a large built-in, or it can be in my husband's workspace.

I started brainstorming immediately, and decided to get pricing.  I was getting too attached and would be disappointed if someone else got these pieces.  Matt, my contact, offered $100 for all.  I used my bartering skills, to bring it down a bit.  I offered to make a clothing donation, and then he offered to pay the tax.  That's right, all four pieces for $90!!!  Thanks Matt!

GREEN ELEMENT RESALE "saving green all the way around," is just a few blocks from our apartment, here in Chicago.  They support Big Medicine, NFP : Rx for a sustainable planet.  Its mission is: Lets put an end to using our tax dollars to destroy our earth and the quality of life."
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  1. What style does the "finds" represent in an interior space?
    How does each piece contribute to the desired style within the space?

    1. Good question. The side tables and bookshelf are contemporary pieces because they are just clean lines- no moldings, or details. These are needed to balance our traditional sofa with sock arms and a kick pleat skirt. THe new writing desk, turned television stand, is very traditional with fluted legs, and brass handles on the drawers. Our dining set is also traditional, and a bit farm style. The existing coffee table is a danish modern style.

      The Newlywed apartment style is Eclectic, which means mixing all different styles together. This can sound chaotic, but a successful collection will have commonalities. Wood finishes and paint colors are repeated, as well as scale in the furniture pieces


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