Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have been waiting several months for today to come...

I'm an Interior Designer trying to make it in a new city- the Windy City. I moved to Chicago 4 months ago. I got a job in a showroom, but it was a total bust. Then I made a trip back to California with my Fiance for some wedding planning. Amazingly, upon my return I got a great part-time job as an Interior Design Assistant. I've been married for 3 weeks, as of today :) , and I finally, FINALLY got to start designing our Newlyweds Chicago Apartment!!!

Even my new husband is excited for the process to begin. We've been living in a blank box, with cardboard boxes lining the walls filled with our stuff. It's time to get started! So, I drew out the floor plan, and brainstormed ideas for several hours.

There are two main determinants for the space plan:
No. 1: Will the sofa stay on the center wall, or will we move it across the room so there is no view of the bathroom?
No. 2: Will the workspace remain in the dining area near the kitchen, or bring it adjacent to the window? (My husband is in grad school so he studies, a lot)

Here are a few of my Interior Ideas:


  1. I like Plan 1 best, just looking at the plans (and not sitting on the couch looking at bathroom). Next is Plan 2. That is a fine, solid plan. I'm not wild about Plan 3. So Plan 1 is still my favorite plan.

    Is there anything about Plan 2 that gives Plan 1 an edge? I hope so. (I mean view to kitchen or bedroom, other traffic difficulties, other problems?)

    All in all, here is a vote for Plan 1.

    love you lots.

    1. I think Plan 1 is successful for these reasons:

      - There is a clear division between the Entertaining Space (living and dining) and Work Space (desk and file cabinets).

      - The space plan keeps focus on the Public Space (living, dining, office). The bathroom, bedroom and personal storage is in the Private Space. And as mentioned, there is no view of the bathroom from the sofa :)

      Plan 3 was an effort to try something new. Furniture does not always have to be pushed against the wall. A sofa pair with a sofa table can create a room divider in a large space without a hard wall or architectural element. However, in our apartment, it limited the amount of storage that could be placed along the walls and narrowed the traffic space alongside the sofa. This idea can be better executed in a large home with a Great Room.


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