Tuesday, November 3, 2015

front yard DIY

As you know from my last post, I placed two pumpkins on my door stoop last week.  The punch of color is beautiful, but I felt like it still needs something, but wasn't sure what.  I definitely do not have room for a third pumpkin....

Next I began collecting branches to fill the vase of my entry console.  I looked on our lawn, around the building on our side, and then near the parking lot.  I probably looked a bit silly picking up small twig branches, but I was on a mission!  I set them in the vase, only to find they were too short.  My next thought was to crumple some paper inside, and use that as a support to arrange the branches.  Instead, I found a piece of hemp and returned outside for a spontaneous DIY:

front yard DIY

Materials: Twigs, hemp string, and about 5-10 minutes of your time- SERIOUSLY

Gather the branches together so they meet in a central spot.  This is where you will tie them altogether.  Arrange them at different heights for interest and to keep a natural look.

Tie the twigs together with a strand of hemp.  I chose a simple knot.

Then use the second string of hemp to tie your bunch of twigs onto a post, tree, or rain gutter as seen here.

And that's it!  Here's is the full look~

 AFTER: My door stoop with my pumpkins and twigs.  (Click HERE to see the Before)

I have really enjoyed coming home this week.  It's just a little touch of Fall, but it makes me smile~

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