Tuesday, October 27, 2015

fall for FALL

"Because I Said So" is playing in the background, my candle is burning nearby, and I just put a fresh lemon and ginger tea bag in my oversized mug.  Now I can begin~

It's really Fall...hooray!  Up here in Portland, Oregon it really settled in this week.  It's cold enough that I should put socks on when I watch tv after dinner on the sofa, and it's cold enough that I need to put a jacket on when I walk outside.  I love it ALL.

Almost on cue, Parachute contacted me recently and asked me how I prepare my home for the cozy Fall season.  Grab your favorite throw, and let's get started:

1. Slow cooked oatmeal drizzled with honey and a few taps of cinnamon

2. Enjoy the flickering light of the scented candle I purchased during Summer

3.  Stage pumpkins on my door stoop to welcome us home everyday, and take a slow breath

4.  Rotate out my high heels for sexy ankle boots

5.  BOOTS- all are welcome!

6.  Adorn the empty coat rack with a rain jacket, or two- seriously...

7.  Stash my gloves in my coat pockets, and my umbrella in the car door

8. Dive into my drawers of scarves, and pull the perfect one for my outfit

9. Unleash my love of light-knit sweaters  

10. Snuggle up in a cashmere throw, that's been rolled up in a felt bin, for a weekend nap on the sofa... (Parachute has a beautiful collection)

This is how I prep and infuse my home with natural elements, spiced scents and knit textures for a completely cozy Fall season.  

I'd love to know how you transform your home, so I hope you'll leave a comment below~

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