Thursday, December 18, 2014

mix-up your LIGHTS

Now that we have focused on light fixtures from mid-century design to the opposite of the spectrum with shabby chic styles, let's see some inspiration rooms for how to mix and match light fixtures into your eclectic designs:

This bedding from Urban Outfitters is definitely the focal point in this bedroom.  The beautiful star quilting is both modern and folksy at the same time.  But then my eye rises up and I see this very simple cage pendant light.  This industrial fixture would really showcase an Edison bulb with an exposed filament.

Check out these beautiful brass pendants!  I love how they add some space-age sparkle to this white office with a beautiful french rococo desk chair.  Who would've thought?!

This celestial pedant is boho chic hanging over this rustic table and mid-century Eames chairs.  It pulls this whole design together, and I love the detail of how it repeats the crisscross leg supports on the chairs.

I feel like I'm on a European holiday in this white and wood design.  The shabby chic crystal chandelier somehow has a subtle quality paired with Scandinavian chairs, a natural farmhouse table, and a sleek mid-century tufted bench.

Let's end this study with a room you won't forget!  It's a bit out there in my opinion, but it still works as a modern and eclectic room.  This time the black swing-arm sconce is a supporting player to the design.  It's subtle industrial design is a functional element more than a design element, but notice how it's light is doubled in the mirror- very smart!  The unexpected color scheme, a very traditional peach pedestal table, modern sectional, and spotted hide down below are so bold, there wasn't room to feature a light fixture.  Oh yes, and don't forget the tiger on the wall!

Any bright ideas?  The beauty of an eclectic design is that the juxtaposition of styles allows for one to be featured.  A modern light fixture stands out in a traditional design, and a shabby chic fixture stands out in a rustic design.  

The polished metal pendants in contrast to the rococo chair in the office design makes me melt (haha!)  That design is so beautiful.....So which room has your favorite 'missmatch' light fixture?


Office: Refinery29
Dining room: Domain
Eat-in kitchen: Design Love Fest
Breakfast nook: Fjeldborg


  1. I'm a big fan of eclectic mix when it comes to design. I think when you mix the textures, periods (new and antique/vintage) and colors (I especially like the light-dark contrast), a space really comes alive. Unfortunately my home is currently filled with vintage and antiques, I'd love to mix up more modern pieces in my home (modern pieces are a bit more expensive, I think, even on craigslist!) Great topic as always! xx

    1. Take a look at IKEA for some modern pieces, we all love IKEA, right?


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