Monday, December 22, 2014

holiday card DIY

I just wanted to share with you my 2014 holiday card DIY with you.

You can make this sort of card for any occasion (Birthday, Congratulations, holidays) with the right stamp or personal message inserted in the message area of the card.

I chose a neon color palette this year, which is definitely not the norm for holiday cards!

Step 1:  Make your abstract and linear design with Washi tape.  I chose three colors for balance even though the design in asymmetrical.  After I stuck down a piece of tape, I flipped the card over, and used the card edge as my guide to cut the tape off of the roll.

Step 2: I stamped my rubber stamp with white ink to pop on my black card.

Step 3: Next, use neon gel pens to address your recipient and sign your name.  (The gel pens were a little difficult for me to use.  The flow of gel got stopped up if I changed the angle of the pen.)

Step 4: Lastly I used a little stamp on the back side of the envelope.  This one adds a little humor!

These were one of the easiest cards to make in mass.  Family, in case you're wondering, YES, I really did make these, and you will have them in your hands any day now.  I guess sometimes 8 nights of Hanukkah just isn't long enough...

I had a lot of fun with this 'missmatch'-colored neon holiday card.  Try it out next year!


Scotch Washi tape: Target
Thin Washi tape: Michael's Arts and Crafts
Stationary: Michael's Arts and Crafts
Gel Pens: Michael's Arts and Crafts
Rubber stamps:
Ink pads: Michael's Arts and Crafts (previously owned)


  1. I'm a huge fun of washi tape, but I've never thought of using it for a card - great idea! Must try this! xoxo

  2. um... where's my holiday card?!! (must have gotten lost in the mail) ;) but love the neon and washi combo. lots of good ideas and inspiration.

    1. You know, the neon pieces remind me of laser lights, but feels really modern for today

  3. Replies
    1. Hi July, I'm so glad you like the atypical design for holiday cards. For more ideas follow my blog on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by!


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