Friday, October 24, 2014

to climb or DISPLAY?

Everyone needs a bookcase in their home, right?  I just moved two white bookcases half way across the country, as a matter of fact.  It's up to you whether you store books on it, but odds are you have a collection or some favorite objects you'd like to display.

What a great idea!  Maybe you already have a ladder in the garage that you never seem to use.  Simply paint some planks of wood that you can get cut at your local hardware store, and slide them on to different steps of the ladder.  Secure planks to ladder, just to be safe.  Then the fun part- accessorize!

This ladder shelving unit is so bright and airy, and even perfect for an outdoor space.  The tin flower planters are the perfect touch to complete this vignette.

Which room would you use this "outside the box" ladder shelf unit in?



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