Monday, October 20, 2014

beautiful autumn TREES

Today I crossed over the last time zone, and am back to Pacific Standard Time.

On Wednesday, my husband and I packed up our 12 foot UHAUL trailer, and left Chicago for Oregon.  It took us almost a week to drive to Portland.  That may seem a bit long to some of you, but have you ever towed a trailer larger than your car up the hills/mountains of America?  Well, I can tell you that it feels very long when you're inching along at 20 mph up a hill!

I was enamored by the beautiful leaves of fall turning colors, I especially love the bright, golden yellow trees.  I just cannot get enough of them...

(You can even see my car and trailer in the background) 

Don't worry, I took so many more photos on my regular camera, and video footage too!  I hope you get a moment to enjoy these beautiful fall leaves before they blow away~


Photography: my ME

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