Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 7 of 10

Happy Friday!

Lets take a moment to talk about a room we spend so much time in, but maybe don't appreciate as much- the bathroom.

I've seen several photos of this bathroom circulating around Pinterest.  I even had two different perspectives of it on my board!  I love every last detail, but tonight I want to talk about pattern.  

This small bathroom is able to carry so much pattern because each pattern is a different size.  The floor tile is a large scale pattern, and very bold.  This is obviously the focal point of this design.  Classic white subway tiles on the wall are the perfect compliment to the floor.  I'm not usually a fan of dark grout with white tile, but it works seamlessly here.  The subtle pattern reads more like a texture rather than a bold graphic, such as the floor tile.  This is the medium scale pattern.  There is also a solid black tub, and solid a solid white sink- places for the eyes to rest a moment.  And then there is a small scale pattern on the striped turkish towel.  Don't you like the fringe detail?

So, even in the smallest of bathrooms, the balance and scale of patterns can truly transform your space.  

To see this pin, and other vignettes that transport me for moment, visit my Pinterest board - a SNAPSHOT

* Remember, together we had the goal to reach 10 "likes" in 10 days.   Let's see how many more can we reach by day 10.  Here's the link to the FB page


Photo: Curbly

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