Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 6 of 10

Wow, it's only day 6, and 12 new people have already joined the FB page- Thanks everyone!!

It's late already, so I'll keep it quick tonight~

Everyone loves a well-put together gallery wall, but what's the secret?!  I found that uniting different frame sizes with a common color works well, but you should also add a detail for some dimension.

This vignette is great from the black door to the black mattes in the frames, but that's not what I'm going to discuss tonight.  Here is a way to mix up your gallery wall.  Why not try using a traditional   picture rail or picture ledge?  Sound too obvious?  Don't be embarrassed, this traditional detail was common in old homes, but doesn't exist in today's new builds.  A picture rail is a strip of molding that you hang pictures from that keeps you from poking holes all over the walls.  Here, a piece of molding serves as a shelf to display a variety of prints.  Below, a collection of frames are assembled in a stepped pattern.  Now you have two planes, creating depth and visual interest, to show your favorite photos and prints. 

So, think twice about your gallery wall, and add some dimension with a picture ledge.

To see this pin, and others that are my style, visit my Pinterest board - my style, RIGHT NOW

* Remember, together we had the goal to reach 10 "likes" in 10 days.   Let's see how many more can we reach by day 10.  Here's the link to the FB page


Photo: Oh Happy Day

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