Tuesday, May 27, 2014

one print does ALL OF THIS

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest these last few weeks.  Two weeks ago I had some time to work on some other boards that were not design related.  I decided to create a board called "in my CLOSET."  What I noticed while looking at all of the fashion images were lots of collection of pieces to make an outfit, but no person.  I personally love those collections because a face isn't associated with it, and I can better picture myself in the clothes.  So, why not create a room design the same way?

I was inspired by the print, Minted for west elm, Dirty Chevron.  I love the chevron pattern with pops of color throughout.  I'm drawn to the pinks, light blue, and yellow- craving some real spring sunshine here in Chicago.

The chevron print was the inspiration for this collection.

First I brought in this traditional, tufted chair in a neutral, and balanced that with a modern arched floor lamp in black.  I was looking for something in bronze, but instead came across this beautiful deco-inspired mirror.  Next I wanted something with a lighter weight, and found this great industrial table with a combo of metal and wood.  The bold yellow and blue rug relates to the graphic quality of the print, and the circle shape of the mirror.  This sweet pink and white stripe lumbar adds a little shabby chic, and this funky square bowl in hot pink is a surprise.  Lastly, the bicycle bookends add a bit of humor to the design- a little smile.

My Chevron Print collection is a cohesive in its color palette, and has a great collected look- which I love!

Which 'missmatch' piece inspires you?  Share it with me below~

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  1. I love that Minted piece, too! It's going to be perfect in my new apartment with my current art collection and other trinkets from West Elm. :)

    1. Nice! I'm glad that something here caught your eye~ And yes, there always seems to be room for a little West Elm :)


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