Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Sneak Peak

I can't believe it's still winter in Chicago!  We'll get a day of sun, and then it drops again....Well, I've been waiting and waiting for a day with beautiful sunlight to take the after photos of my apartment, so I just decided to share this with you- it's been long enough :)

Here is our Living Space:

It's been a while since you've seen the floor plan, so here's a reminder for you.

Here is the South-East Perspective.  The photo collage of our road trip to Chicago hangs above the sofa.    The bookcase on the left grounds the living room, and the set of side tables are a great spot to drop our things when we walk in.

Here is the North-West Perspective.  Our television stand was a great find, and is surrounded by my DIY artwork and wedding photos.  My husband's office is in the back left corner with our display cases.  

Here is the West Perspective.  Our dining table is centered on the window, and doubles as my work space.  My keyboard is tucked in the corner, and my music books rest on picture ledges above.

I truly love how the whole apartment has come together.  The key to designing a small space is a cohesive color palette.  Grey and black flows throughout, and dashes of red add a bit of energy to the living space.  With a focused color palette I was able to mix geometric and organic patterns together.  The space is light and airy,  every item has it's own place, and it truly feels like our first home as a married couple.  And the best part is, there's always room for one more accessory!


  1. Chicago apartments are definitely not known for being spacious. You did a fantastic job making a not so generous square footage look spacious!!! My favorite part...? The gallery frame wall in the living room <3


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