Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Last Wall

Has it really been so long??  I'm back from my Honeymoon, and energized to end your anticipation!  Haha- Well, let's not wait any longer- here is the east wall of our apartment.

This book case was a great find at the thrift shop.  It was in pretty good condition, and the bottom drawers are even self-closing.  So, I've used this bookcase to anchor the wall since it actually extends through the entry way.  The storage is great because we can display our books, and conceal our dvd collection below.

The black end tables had a few scratches (but nothing that my sharpie pen couldn't fix).  They flank the bookcase and add some formality to the space in a symmetrical design.  I found these great felt woven baskets that just slide under the tables to store all of my scrapbooks.  It also lets them be easily accessible to look at.  Our ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) will be framed on the right side, and a collection of Jewish art work on the left.  Finally, the book light above shines on it all.

Oh yes, how could I forget?!  If you take a closer look at the books, you'll notice that on alternating shelves the books are stacked horizontal, or set vertical in a row.  I color blocked the books as a design element.  For example, on the left side of the case I featured the golden straw color from our drapery.  One stack is straw, the second stack is black and white.  On the right side I feature red with the black and white.  It's a subtle design trick, but it makes me smile.

Here is my Interior Idea for the East Wall:

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