Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Bedroom, Already?

The Living Space is really coming together.  Last week my husband and I went to the local hardware store and bought a piece of wood to cut down to 5 feet for the shelf above the television.  He painted it white, and we will hopefully install it tomorrow.

However, I have unexpectedly turned my attention to the Bedroom before completion of my Living Space.  I will be entering a Bedroom Contest, and the sooner I enter- the better!  So, let me fill you in..

The store I work at had a bedding sell in January, so I bought what I needed for a nice deal.  I have been dreaming of a neutral palette for my bedroom since last year. My inspiration was a modern floral print by Thom Filicia.  I bought just over a yard of it when I was at my previous job in San Diego.  I would love window panels, but a pillow is more in my budget :)

I have put together a combination of patterns: floral, stripe, geometric, ikat.  They complement each other because they share a color palette.  They also balance becaue they are different scales:  the stripe is large, the ikat is medium, and the jacquard leaf is small.

Here are my Interior Ideas for the Bedroom fabrics:

Inspiration fabric- by Thom Filicia
accent pillows 

Duvet Cover- horizontal stripe

Standard Sham- jacquard leaf 

Drapery- ikat 


  1. Finally! When we moved in, the first item that I wanted was the bed because I thought it would help speed up the process, but little did I know, there was much more to it.

    But when I was finally consulted, I found myself really attracted to the iKat and stripes. Probably because they felt most masculine compared to the floral...

    Do you believe that a neutral color palette will be a strong entry into a competition where colors dominate?

    1. I have considered throwing in a touch a fuschia as a pop. There will be color in the photographs hanging on the wall, so it won't be totally void of color. I bought a vase today that I would like to put flowers in, and that might also be a pop to take advantage of


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