Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Three Walls

My bedroom has three walls to design (yes, there are four walls!)  The wall across from the bed are closet mirrors.  You've seen my color palette of neutrals, and I want the overall design to be clean, fresh, simplified and well designed- like a boutique hotel.

Here are my Interior Ideas:

I really want our bedroom to reflect our newly weds status.  I will enlarge a photo of our wedding rings to 24'' x 36''.  I am flanking it with a portrait of each of us.  The new bedding will be so crisp.  The end tables are existing, but the table lamps are new.  A square shape for my husband, and a round shape for me.

The drapery rod is only a few inches below the ceiling.  This will create the illusion of taller walls.  I chose a classic square-ish finial.  The pattern of the ikat drapery will frame the window magnificently.

I want to create a gallery wall, like in an art gallery.  I chose to use black frames since I have a black drapery rod on the opposite wall.  I'm using photos of our wedding decor, and adjusted them to a semi-sepia tone.  I am doing an art project and a framed card on the picture ledge.  On the dresser I am framing our wedding invite and portrait, and accessorizing with a great vase.

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