Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Small Wall

Alright, so now we're on the third wall.  This is where the television is on top of the writing desk.  BTW, the drawers are convenient for storing the dvd controllers and our Netflix dvds :)

I have half of our wedding china, so I just bought linen storage boxes to store them under the writing desk.  The neutral fabric blends in, but looks nice enough to have displayed.

The real design comes in with what to hang around the television.  I want to feature some wedding photos and artwork, but I don't want the wall to be distracting.  However, I still want the wall to look tall, that's why I thought to hang frames higher as well.

The large vertical frame will have a custom alef-bet poster that I layed out, and the large horizontal frame will have a wedding photo.  I think the frame with 4-pictures will also have wedding photos.

So, let's open it to the poles....what's your vote?
Option 1, 2 or 3?
*click on the each drawing for a larger view

Here are a few of my Interior Ideas:

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  1. B-Option 2! That looks the most balanced to me.

    1. Wow, that was fast!! Thanks for your vote :)

  2. I vote for #3. Would move 19 over 8 and raise wedding photo slightly.

  3. I like #3. The pic behind the tv can be a lil distracting. I would also move pic 16 over 8 and make it even w 19... But all in all, they all look good!

  4. Three is my favorite also. It seems to flow nicely along the wall.


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