Friday, January 11, 2013

Time for Drapery

My husband, my contractor, and I hung up the Road Trip collage wall last week.  It looks fantastic!  The black and white matting on the opposite frames looks so sharp.

The adjacent wall has the window.  The apartment has blinds, so I am adding stationary panels to frame the window.  I actually bought the drapery fabric our 2nd day in Chicago- and it's been on the top shelf in the hallway closet for almost 6 months...that just can't be true!  The drapery fabric is the inspiration for the whole apartment design.  The colors and the pattern capture the look I am aiming for.  The zig zag pattern is black, grey, red and straw.  It has a balance of warm and cool colors which is complimentary to the extreme temperatures I have experienced in the Windy City.

The drapery will anchor the dining area perfectly.  It also creates separation from the office/ workspace.
Our framed diplomas mixed with artwork hang above the desk.  Displaying our past accomplishments keeps us motivated toward our next goals.

Here is my Interior Idea for the dining and office/workspace:

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